Our Service
inter-business networks is a company capable to provide its clients with “Comprehensive Solutions” in terms of marketing and communication involved.
We sheds light on any current issues facing you and offers consistent services seeking and designing practical and tangible ways to solve matters brought in question.
We support Marketing & Communication to vast business field, from general consumer goods "B to C" goods to "B to B" service such as IT-related, We promise efficient and practical result as a Marketing & Communication specialist.

Service Menu
  • Field Promotion

    Field Promotion

    From in/outside of shops, distribution channels to all over the district.
  • Event Management

    Event Management

    Field event, huge conference.
  • Planning


    Appropriate promotion planning to answer to the client’s needs, leaded by innovative approach.
  • Web integration

    Web integration

    build up strategic valuable web site.
  • Creative


    make the client’s intention into real.
  • RouteMedia


    We have a network of 173,478 contact points with consumers nationwide.
  • Market Explorer

    Market Explorer

    Japan-based marketing solutions service for overseas firms contemplating entry into the Japanese market.